Engineering Electrification


Founded to deliver products and services to the rapidly changing markets focusing on electrification. With 10 years of experience in the field of electric vehicles and electrification projects, we believe to be able to offer specialist consultancy and engineering services along side our in house developed products.

Engineering Services

Design and development

Depending on the project needs the following work can be provided to support your project or have it completely taken out of your hands.

  • High level system design

  • Packaging studies

  • Battery specification and design

  • Powertrain specification and design

  • High voltage wiring design and component selection

  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering

  • Electronic component design

Hands on support

Onsite engineering support can be provided in the following fields:

  • High voltage system review

  • Low voltage wiring support and troubleshooting

  • Can bus network configuration and troubleshooting

  • Drivetrain configuration and first start up

  • Component configuration and troubleshooting